News From The Bayou!

We hope all you swampers are doing great! 

Cottondale Swamp had an epic set at the 2017 Americana Fest. After turning in a strong set at Americana Fest we were asked to open for Austin TX band and Grammy Award winner Reckless Kelly at Skipper’s Smokehouse on November 11th. If you listen to Outlaw Country on Sirius XM or stay up on the Country Rock and Americana scene you are probably familiar with this touring juggernaut, Reckless Kelly. 

Our next show is on September 2nd at our favorite room The Hideaway Café in St. Petersburg, FL. If you haven’t been to the Hideaway, you don’t know what you are missing. This place is known as the premier listening room is St. Pete. It oozes vibe, has great food, and is the most comfortable venue to hear music and experience Cottondale Swamp. 

New Show on the horizon - Rattlesnake and Music Festival in San Antonio Florida on October 21st (poster below). 

Another super cool show added to the calendar is Saturday, November 4th, at Skipper's Smokehouse - WMNF Tribute To The British Invasion III. WMNF describes the event thus; "In the early 1970's the British Invasion (which started in 1964) was moving into several important sub-genres, pursuing the limitations of rock music, including prog rock, singer-songwriters; hard rock/heavy metal, and glam rock. For our tribute show, local bands play the great English bands of the early 70's". WMNF Tribute To The British Invasion III 1970 - 1974. Cottondale Swamp is playing the Rolling Stones, one our favorite bands... and we are going to kill it! Put November 4th on your calendar and be at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa! Get the details HERE

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