Our Story

Cottondale Swamp hails from west central Florida. We are a band that revels in the old Florida vibe that is found on the back roads, small towns and swamp lands of this state. Our music is Southern Americana rock 'n roll with solid old school Country and honky-tonk sensibilities. 

Our music expresses a deep love and appreciation of the roots of rock 'n roll and country music. The members of Cottondale Swamp traveled the United States and the world as musicians, troubadours and wanderers, we have explored many places far from Florida. Those experiences have shown us that Florida is a unique place that we want to call home. Florida inspired us to the write the songs for our new album, Leave Me On The Suwannee.

Cottondale Swamp is fronted by Kenny Grube who was an Elvis Tribute artist for the last 10 years. Kenny is the real deal! His voice has an authentic southern drawl that expresses the years he has endured paying his dues on the B, C, and D circuits of the southern United States. He is backed by an equally experienced band of road warriors.

Cottondale Swamp just completed our debut album, Leave Me On The Suwannee. This record parties hard, thinks deeply, feels intensely and revels in the underbelly and weirdness of the great state of Florida. We love playing live and we strive to put on a great show that engages our audience so that we are all part of the show. The new record captures the authenticity of Cottondale Swamp and brings everyone along for the ride.

Cottondale Swamp and its members have shared the stage with, opened for, or played in the bands of many of our favorite artists, including: Dickey Betts, Bellamy Brothers, Artimus Pyle, Sammy Hagar, Southern Culture on the Skids, Dale Watson, Leon Russell, Cheap Trick, Dick Dale, Melanie, Gin Blossoms, Live, Avril Lavigne, Marilyn Manson, The Fixx, and many more.

Kenneth Grube - Lead Vocals / Guitar - My other gig is that of an Elvis Tribute Artist. I have played music my whole life in punk bands, blues bands and Country bands. I learned a lot when I toured with James Peterson, one of last old school bluesmen. I would play drums and chauffeur him to gigs. I also backed up the Bellamy Brothers when they were touring in the south. I would open the show playing in a band with the Bellamy Brothers' sons, and then we would be the backup band for the main show. I currently perform as Elvis in my tribute show over 150 dates a year.

Chaz Winzenread - Lead Guitar - Raised on a farm in rural Indiana, I was taught the values and rewards associated with working the land, family, and the joy/reward of harvest. Of course I rebelled against my small town world and I moved to Hollywood, CA where I studied music and played in bunch of LA bands. After living in Hollywood for a while I moved back to Indiana to join an up and coming rock band called Healing Sixes. I really cut my teeth with this band and we enjoyed a number of years of success which included recording a record with famed Producer Kevin Shirley at the Avatar (The Power Station) and Hit Factory studios in New Your City which have been graced by the names of many of music elites including John Lennon and Michael Jackson. Also, sharing some my time with Healing Sixes was drummer Jason Bonham who is the son of legendary Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. Playing music with Jason was a real treat not only for his lineage, but he really taught us to feel the music and not over think what you may be playing at any point. This band took me all over the world on tour which I am very thankful to be a part of. Including a west coast swing which took us from Alaska to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where we met up with Sammy Hagar and ended up performing shows as Sammy’s backing band which was right after his departure from Van Halen… an experience that I will never forget.

Michael Hoag - Bass Guitar / Vocals  - I have been playing in bands as long as I can remember. I have a twin brother, Mark, who plays guitar. We had our first band in 5th grade. My first working bands were in the Boston area with such names as: The Young Moderns, The Underachievers, The Crosstown Rivals, Kevin and the 45's, and many more. I moved to Florida and played in the bands Barely Pink, Leonard Croon Band, The Vodkanauts, The Ditchflowers, Sara Rose Band and Mojo Bones. I've been fortunate enough to have played gigs with many of my heroes such as Cheap Trick, Dickie Betts, Leon Russell, Artimus Pyle and others. I've played bass guitar on quite a few records and I love writing songs. Now, I feel lucky and humbled to be in Cottondale Swamp with Kenny, Chaz and Ken Bailey. This band came together organically. I had written a bunch of songs and I wanted to flesh them out and see if there was a "band in there", so I called up the some of the best players in town. We quickly discovered that we are kindred spirits who love authentic Americana music. We also all obsess on vintage gear and love the sound and mojo of an old guitar!

Trivia: Michael's sister is veteran actress Judith Hoag, currently on the CBS series Nashville, Judith also played April O'Neal in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and starred in the Halloweentown Movie series. In addition to having parts in dozens of movies, Judith has pretty much guest-starred on every major TV series in the last couple of decades.

Ken Bailey - Drums / Vocals - Ken grew up in northern New Jersey and started playing piano and drums in school and in local bands at a fairly young age. As he grew older he started gigging in New York City, which later became his home. Ken studied at the renown 'Drummers Collective' where he is a lifelong member. After paying his dues playing live gigs, performing on Broadway and in the recording studio, he became the Technical Director and Staff Drummer at The Power Station / Avatar Studios; Tony Bongiovi's world famous recording facility. Ken worked on projects with Meat Loaf, Ramones, Tony Bennett, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Black Crowes, Diana Krall, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Nile Rodgers, Journey, U2 and countless movie soundtracks. Ken spent the next 16 years at The Power Station / Avatar and as a fixture in the NYC recording industry. A little later in life Ken moved to Florida and played in the Tampa Bay bands The Charming Devils and The Sara Rose Band. Ken also teaches percussion in local schools. Now, Ken is looking forward to bringing his many years of musical experience to Cottondale Swamp!