Melody Trucks Band and Cottondale Swamp

Skipper's Smoke House, 910 Skipper Road , Tampa, FL 33613

The Melody Trucks Band and Cottondale Swamp join forces at Skipper's Smokehouse on Saturday September 8th. $7 in advance / $10 at the door - The Melody Trucks Band came together in early 2017 as she encountered each member within this extended musical family. Their individual styles and influences run the entire span of every music genre: rock, blues, jazz, funk, classical, country, thrash metal, and even world music. This has culminated in fresh and unique interpretations of iconic songs from the genre of Melody's extended family. Cottondale Swamp hails from west central Florida. They are a band that revels in the old Florida vibe that is found on the back roads, small towns and swamp lands of this state. The music is Southern Americana rock 'n roll with solid old school Country and honky-tonk sensibilities.