Album Update: Leave Me On The Suwannee

The new record has been recorded in its entirety! Right now we are working on mixing the 11 tracks and then the songs will be mastered. The artwork is all but done. Artist, Ed Woltil has knocked it out of the park! All the pieces are falling into place! 

The album is going to be called "Leave Me On The Suwannee".  We've have some discussion on the spelling of Suwannee - Suwanee or Suwannee? We feel that since we live in Florida, we should use the spelling of the river and the town here in Florida. And damn, we wrote the song about Florida and the Suwannee River that flows here. 

Many believe the correct spelling is “Suwanee” because that is the way it was spelled in the song "Old Folks at Home” written by Stephen Foster in 1851. Most people refer to that song as "Suwanee River". It became the Florida State song in 1935. When Stephen Foster wrote "Old Folks at Home” he had never visited Florida. 
History Lesson: 
"Old Folks at Home” / “Suwanee River” was a controversial song. It was considered a racist song written from the perspective of an African slave. Some of the original lyrics were pretty bad. But, it’s worth noting that when the song was written in 1851, slavery was legal in 15 states. Interestingly, Stephen Foster himself supported the North during the Civil War and supported abolition of slavery. 
Florida became enlightened in 1978 and substituted "brothers" for "darkies." There were subsequent revisions. At Jeb Bush's second inauguration as governor in 2003, a young black woman gave a moving, nondialect rendition of "Old Folks at Home," except "still longing for the old plantation" came out "still longing for my old connection."

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