Cottondale Swamp is a Florida Swamp Rock, Southern Americana, and Outlaw Country Band from Florida. Weeki Wachee, FL is our ground zero. Mermaid Shows and the Gulf of Mexico! Original Florida swamp rock with authentic country sensibilities a the heart of rock 'n roll.  

Cottondale Swamp celebrates the back roads, small towns and the seedy underbelly of the “Old Florida” that is fast disappearing. We write songs that celebrate the people, places and uniqueness of our southern most state.  

Cottondale Swamp will keep you on your feet and grooving to the sound of authentic country rock and southern Americana. The songs of Cottondale Swamp will get stuck in your head and you’ll feel like you’re cruising through orange groves, swamp lands and beach towns.

Listen to our album Leave Me On The Suwannee HERE!


Album Update: Leave Me On The Suwannee 

The new record has been recorded in its entirety! Right now we are working on mixing the 11 tracks and then the songs will be mastered. The artwork is all but done. Artist, Ed Woltil has knocked it out of the park! All the pieces are falling into place! 

The album is going to be called "Leave Me On The Suwannee".  We've have some discussion on the spelling of Suwannee - Suwanee or Suwannee? We feel that since we live in Florida, we should use the spelling of the river and the town here in Florida. And damn, we wrote the song about Florida and the Suwannee River that flows here. 

Many believe the correct spelling is “Suwanee” because that is the way it was spelled in the song "Old Folks at Home” written by Stephen Foster in 1851. Most people refer to that song as "Suwanee River". It became the Florida State song in 1935. When Stephen Foster wrote "Old Folks at Home” he had never visited Florida. 
History Lesson: 
"Old Folks at Home” / “Suwanee River” was a controversial song. It was considered a racist song written from the perspective of an African slave. Some of the original lyrics were pretty bad. But, it’s worth noting that when the song was written in 1851, slavery was legal in 15 states. Interestingly, Stephen Foster himself supported the North during the Civil War and supported abolition of slavery. 
Florida became enlightened in 1978 and substituted "brothers" for "darkies." There were subsequent revisions. At Jeb Bush's second inauguration as governor in 2003, a young black woman gave a moving, nondialect rendition of "Old Folks at Home," except "still longing for the old plantation" came out "still longing for my old connection."

Cottondale Swamp is being featured on the Old Still Radio Show! 

Cottondale Swamp is being featured on the Old Still Radio show on September 12th! The Old Still Radio Show is a very cool podcast that features up and coming Americana bands and more.

Excerpt from their website: This is a Southern Based, Not Safe For Work, Totally Free Radio Show for your listening enjoyment. If you don’t like talk about legalizing marijuana, penis transplants, butthurt millennials, and much more debauchery….. this show aint for you. If you do like to talk about these type things, well Hell Yeah brother or sister! Come on and give us a listen. If you’re tired of listening to the same 4 songs on the radio that play over and over again, come sit around the old moonshine still with us and enjoy. We drink and smoke as the show progresses, so it just gets progressively worse. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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Cottondale Swamp - Album Cover - News Update 

The new record is getting closer to completion. All songs have been recorded. Chaz is putting the finishing touches on his blistering guitar solos and Kenny is doing his final lead vocal takes. The album is sounding great! The artwork for CD / LP is looking great too. Check out the front cover.

Don't forget that this Friday, July 22nd, Cottondale Swamp is appearing in the Johnny Cash Tribute Show "I Walk The Line". Cottondale Swamp starts at 9 PM sharp.
Fat Cat Tavern / 3665 East Bay Drive / Largo, FL 22337.

Cottondale Swamp - Ready To Swampify Johnny Cash! - July 22nd!!! 

Well, the boys in the band have been wood-shedding Johnny Cash for the last month and are ready to put their stamp on a big ole' heaping pile of of Johnny Cash songs! Kenny has had to memorize a lot of lyrics including all the words to "One Piece At A Time".

"One day I devised myself a plan that should be the envy of most any man...".  Cottondale Swamp's plan is to play us some Johnny Cash!

Walk The Line - Johnny Cash Tribute Show
Friday, July 22nd @ 9 PM
Fat Cat Tavern
3665 East Bay Drive
Largo, FL 22337

Cottondale Swamp - Live Radio Show, June 10th - WZEU 102.9 FM 

Cottondale Swamp  pre-recorded a radio show last night that is going to be aired on June 10th, 2016 between 7 AM and 9 AM, Tune your dials to WZEU 102.9 FM - Classic Hits Radio! We all had a a good time being interviewed,  playing 3 songs, and yucking it up the host Bob and John.

Johnny Cash Tribute Show - 10 Bands, including Cottondale Swamp 

Cottondale Swamp has confirmed that we will be playing a Johnny Cash Tribute show on July 22nd (mark your calendar) - 10 bands, all playing Johnny Cash!!.

All the guys in Cottondale Swamp are HUGE Johnny Cash fans and we already play "Folson Prison Blues", but we need more Johnny Cash songs for the tribute show. We decided a must learn is "Sunday Morning Coming Down", but we need a few more.

What Johnny Cash songs would you like Cottondale Swamp to play?

Send us your suggestions and if we pick your song, you will get a free copy of our upcoming album!!

Comment to this post with your suggestion or send an e-mail to

Details about the Cottondale Swamp - Johnny Cash Tribute Show will be announced as soon as all the bands have confirmed.

Cottondale Swamp is back in the recording studio. 

After a fantastic festival show last weekend in Brooksville, FL, the band is back in the studio earnestly trying to finish the debut record. The band received such positive feedback at last week's concert, it was humbling and highly motivating! We need to finish this record! Look for more concert dates in the coming months. Get ready kids, Cottondale Swamp is making a nitro-burning album that will change the meaning of term Swamp Rock! It's gonna knock your socks off!!

Breaking News / Cottondale Swamp - Live Radio Appearance - WXJB 99.9 FM 

Breaking News / Cottondale Swamp - Live Radio Appearance - WXJB 99.9 FM 

Friday, May 6th, 2016 at (freakin') 7:30 AM. Don't they know we're rocks stars and 7:30 AM is when we go to bed??? 

Actually, we are thrilled to have been asked by radio host Mike Reeves to play a few songs live in the studio and talk about the festival we'll be playing on Saturday: Wiener Fest 2 at Coney Island Drive-Inn in Historic Brooksville, Florida. Not since ELVIS was here has Brooksville seen talent at this LEVEL. Cottondale Swamp and then Bertie Higgins will cap off a full day of FREE entertainment.  "Eat where Bertie and ELVIS ate"!

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A Hipster Soiree

Ringside Cafe, 16 2nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Everybody's favorite bands join forces to bring you "A Hipster Soiree" at the world famous Ringside Cafe in downtown Saint Petersburg, FL. Enjoy roots rock, surf and garage band country with: The Johnny Zoom Hi-Fi Show, Little Sheba and the Shamans and Cottondale Swamp. FREE SHOW

Broken String Fling

Sertoma Youth Ranch, 85 Myers Road, Brooksville, FL 34602

Cottondale Swamp with the new guys, Doug Smith and Fran Massucci. The Broken String Fling is a festival that is loosely knitted, duct taped together, no arm band music fling put on for the sole purpose to raise money and awareness to what a great music/camping venue the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Dade City is.