Cottondale Swamp is a Florida Swamp Rock, Southern Americana, and Outlaw Country Band from Florida. Weeki Wachee, FL is our ground zero. Mermaid Shows and the Gulf of Mexico! Original Florida swamp rock with authentic country sensibilities a the heart of rock 'n roll.  

Cottondale Swamp celebrates the back roads, small towns and the seedy underbelly of the “Old Florida” that is fast disappearing. We write songs that celebrate the people, places and uniqueness of our southern most state.  

Cottondale Swamp will keep you on your feet and grooving to the sound of authentic country rock and southern Americana. The songs of Cottondale Swamp will get stuck in your head and you’ll feel like you’re cruising through orange groves, swamp lands and beach towns.

Listen to our album Leave Me On The Suwannee HERE!


Nice New Review of Cottondale Swamp 

“COTTONDALE SWAMP” (a review) 
By Robert Lloyd (Email: 

Once in a while you run into an interesting group on the internet in the entertainment area that surprises you. This is one of those occasions. And in this case, it's the north Florida quartet “Cottondale Swamp”. They perplex me. And no, don't expect to see them in the near future at your local Holiday Inn. Let's just say they wouldn't fit in. 

I've been a fan of Cottondale Swamp for a while and surprised when I heard the Americana Community Music Association (ACMA) had booked their performance here for May 26, 2018. And guess what? I am leading off the show. That could be scary! These 'hoodlums' (I will affectionately call them) are coming into the renowned ACMA 'Listening Room' and it should be quite a shock. I love their music, especially the song “Leave Me On The Swannee”... here is a link of them playing it live. 

Are you back? Take a deep breath. Ok, did you enjoy the song and performance? Great. Let me introduce you to this lineup of suspects... oops, I mean musicians. The band formed back in 2015 with some session players and maybe burned out rockers in need of a new direction. The boys are Michael Hoag (bass), Chas Winzenread (lead guitar), Ken Bailey (drums), and Kenneth Grube (acoustic guitar and vocals). I was talking to Michael on the phone the other day and just loved the story of the band. 

First up, I want to talk about Kenneth Grube... and with a startling factoid of Kenneth is that he does 150 shows each years doing an Elvis tribute. That feeds his family. But then he plays in Cottondale Swamp and in a total different musical direction. But what is so cool, he gives the aura of being this bit player in a Quentin Tarrantino movie with his swagger and roughed up dress in his performances. I can't say I know of another character so out of kilter with the modern pop/country scene in today's entertainment field. You've got Justin Timberlake types, with their slick marketing side for the kids. Then you have the 'attitude junkies' of the modern pop female genre. You have the hip hop with a twang country pop stars. Then you have something totally different... Ken Grube fronting this growling swamp-rock group Cottondale Swamp. I just love it. 

Michael Hoag is on bass, originally from Boston, and he played in about every band within a hundred miles of the seaboard. But Michael was most personable when I visited with him by phone one afternoon. Not an embittered hard rocking interview whatsoever, but surprisingly personable. And he is probably the central player in the songwriting part of Cottondale Swamp. They all are a part, but Michael was important to the writing of the song “Leave Me On The Swannee” (and yep, that is how they spell it in the old Florida way). On a side note, Michael's sister, Judith Hoag, is an actress in the hit show “Nashville”... 
Chas Winzenread, lead guitar, and a great performer with the sounds he brings into the group's songs. I love his playing! He is a super experienced musician that knows the trade and what the business is all about. He has performed all over the world and will bring that knowledge into this concert with the band. Originally a small town boy from the mid-west, Chas cut his teeth in the Hollywood/LA rock scene and played in that strange world there for some time. 

Ken Bailey, drummer and vocals, and also a member of the Drummers Collective. You'll have to look that one up! LOL. This guy has done it all and has even been a session player in New York City. He was a technical director and staff drummer of one of the large studios in the metropolis. He brings his chops to Cottondale Swamp while giving them their unique swampy sound. 

Finally, (from their website) Cottondale Swamp and its members have shared the stage with, opened for, or played in the bands of many of our favorite artists, including: Dickey Betts, Bellamy Brothers, Artimus Pyle, Sammy Hagar, Southern Culture on the Skids, Dale Watson, Leon Russell, Cheap Trick, Dick Dale, Melanie, Gin Blossoms, Live, Avril Lavigne, Marilyn Manson, The Fixx, and many more. 

I'm gonna love leading off for them. I hope they don't bite. 

News From Cottondale Swamp 

On Saturday, April 21st Cottondale Swamp is hosting a really cool show at the Neptune Lounge in downtown Tarpon Springs, FL. Opening the night is Tampa's legendary alt-country band HANGTOWN. This is a reunion performance and they will be playing many great songs from their many incredible albums.

Cottondale Swamp will be playing new songs from our upcoming 2nd record!

Cottondale Swamp is going into the recording studio in May to start work on the next record! We have so many great new songs and some sick swampy grooves that are going to make you want to move! Wait until to hear what we've been up to, I think you're gonna love it!

Original Florida Swamp Rock, Southern Americana, Outlaw Country and sweet sweet Rock 'n Roll!

News From Cottondale Swamp 

Cottondale Swamp has added a bunch of new shows to the calendar. We are sharing the stage with some of our favorite bands from the big 'ole state of Florida.

- February 16th, we are back at our favorite listening room in Florida, The Hideaway Cafe. We are splitting the night with the Cadillac Cowboys. If you haven't caught the Cadillac Cowboys before, you are in for a big treat... these guys are really good. Think "Asleep at the Wheel" meet "Junior Brown" sprinkled with "Hank Marvin".  Cottondale Swamp will be playing song new songs from our upcoming new album!

- March, 17th we are playing a show at the Daiquiri Shak on Madeira Beach. This is an iconic beach bar with a great sound system and stage. We are opening for Death, Love and Addiction. This is a hard rocking band made up of local heroes Ken Logan and Joe Sanders. Death, Love and Addiction's debut album drops a few days after this show.  I suspect both bands are really going to bring it!

- April,6th we are opening the show for the Don Gates Band's CD release. This is their 3rd album and it is awesome. Hard driving outlaw country at it's finest. This is Don's last show in Tampa before moving to Nashville, Tennessee.

- On April, 20th we grace the stage at The Neptune Lounge in Tarpon Springs, FL. with our buds, Four Star Riot. Four Star Riot has opened for national acts such as Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Train, Lit, Jimmy Eat World, among others. The band’s songs have been featured in television and film, including: ESPN, MTV, and the record-breaking film l'm Deadpool in 2016.

- On May 25th, we join the whos-who of Tampa Bay when we play the - Us Too Festival: WMNF Tribute to the US Festival. We play at Skipper's Smokehouse and we'll be playing songs by Hank Jr. The festival is two nights - May 25th @ Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa and May 26th @ Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL.

- And then on May 26th, we race down to Fort Meyers, Florida to play a show for the Americana Community Association.


The latest from Cottondale Swamp... 

Happy Belated New Year! We had a busy December and January playing a bunch of Cottondale Swamp shows and writing songs for our upcoming album! That would be album number two, if you are keeping count.

We are so thankful to our friends, fans, family and music associates for all the support they have shown us this past year. We have been on a wild ride since starting this band in 2016. We love being the purveyors of Florida Swamp Rock and Florida Outlaw County!

This Saturday, January 13th, we are sharing the bill with our power pop rock buddies, Four Star Riot.  We have a long storied history with this beloved Tampa-Bay band. I can guarantee this will be an awesome show! The Wild Rover Brewery, 13921 Lynmar Blvd., Tampa, Florida 33626 

On Saturday, February 3rd, we will be making our Old Florida Swamp Rock debut at the Crooked Thumb Brewery in Safety Harbor. This venue is "the" place in Safety Harbor, FL to hear original roots Americana, country, and gifted singer songwriters.  Crooked Thumb Brewery, 555 10th Ave. S., Safety Harbor, FL 34695

And then on Friday, February 16th, we will be returning to cools-ville USA, The Hideaway Cafe in St. Petersburg, FL. We are sharing the bill with a fantastic Classic Country band called The Cadillac Cowboys. We have been wanting to do a show with these guys for a while. This band is the real deal. The buzz is building for this show and the word on the street is that it will sell-out, so get your tickets soon. Hideaway Cafe, 1756 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33712

And finally, on Saturday, May 26th, we are doing a concert at the Americana Community Music Association in Fort Meyers, FL. The Americana Community Music Association (ACMA) is committed to supporting original independent music and musicians with programs that expand community appreciation and education while fostering the creativity and diversity that influence Americana and Roots music. The ACMA has a mission to promote the growth of the Americana and Roots music. 2756 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33901

Our upcoming shows include new Cottondale Swamp songs and Kenny has some new dance moves:)

See ya'll soon!

We Have the Greatest Friends and Fans! 

We'd like to say thanks to all the folks who have been coming out to Cottondale Swamp shows and showing us such great love and support! 


This weekend we have a full dance card. We are in historic Safety Harbor, FL on both Friday and Saturday. 

- Friday is "3rd Friday" in Safety Harbor.They close down the street to traffic and have a street party. We play from 6 PM to 10 PM. 

- Saturday is the Folk 'n Fruit Fest. Safety Harbor is celebrating 100 years. We play at 2:15 PM in the band shell at the top of Main Street. Great bands all day long starting at noon.

News From The Bayou! 

We hope all you swampers are doing great! 

Cottondale Swamp had an epic set at the 2017 Americana Fest. After turning in a strong set at Americana Fest we were asked to open for Austin TX band and Grammy Award winner Reckless Kelly at Skipper’s Smokehouse on November 11th. If you listen to Outlaw Country on Sirius XM or stay up on the Country Rock and Americana scene you are probably familiar with this touring juggernaut, Reckless Kelly. 

Our next show is on September 2nd at our favorite room The Hideaway Café in St. Petersburg, FL. If you haven’t been to the Hideaway, you don’t know what you are missing. This place is known as the premier listening room is St. Pete. It oozes vibe, has great food, and is the most comfortable venue to hear music and experience Cottondale Swamp. 

New Show on the horizon - Rattlesnake and Music Festival in San Antonio Florida on October 21st (poster below). 

Another super cool show added to the calendar is Saturday, November 4th, at Skipper's Smokehouse - WMNF Tribute To The British Invasion III. WMNF describes the event thus; "In the early 1970's the British Invasion (which started in 1964) was moving into several important sub-genres, pursuing the limitations of rock music, including prog rock, singer-songwriters; hard rock/heavy metal, and glam rock. For our tribute show, local bands play the great English bands of the early 70's". WMNF Tribute To The British Invasion III 1970 - 1974. Cottondale Swamp is playing the Rolling Stones, one our favorite bands... and we are going to kill it! Put November 4th on your calendar and be at Skipper's Smokehouse in Tampa! Get the details HERE

New Single - New Shade of Red 

The boys at Cottondale Swamp wrote, recorded and released a new song. The song is called New Shade of Red and it was recorded at Studio B Recording Studios in Saint Petersburg, FL by engineer and producer Brian Merrill.

In support of WMNF 88.5 FM and their annual Americana Fest, we wrote and recorded this song. We are very happy to part of this festival and we are counting down the days until August 19th when all hell breaks loose!

2017 Americana Fest / August 19th @ Skipper's Smokehouse / 4 PM

Please take a listen and let us know what you think. CLICK HERE


News from the Swamp! 

Our debut album "Leave Me On The Suwannee" received another great review. This one comes from the renown music blog JP's Music Blog

"...from the Florida bayou comes the debut album from Cottondale Swamp titled "Leave Me On The Suwanee." It has been out for over 6 months and is beginning get the notice it deserves with its southern boogie blues sound. Their new release begins with the straight-up rock of "Swamp King Troubadour" as lead singer Kenny Grube grabs hold of you with his bluesy vocals. The album continues with the Americana shuffle of "Leave Me On The Suwannee" and the country rock of "Land Rich, Money Poor." The guitars come out blazing on the rockabilly feel of "Temporary Border" and "Feral Baby," before the classic country feel of "High Horse" will have you on the dance floor with your partner. The album closes with the swampy blues of "Ole' Beelzebub" and the desert boogie instrumental "Tighten Up."

Next Cottondale Swamp Show - Saturday, July 29th - Brass Mug

Cottondale Swamp / Don Gates Band / I Love Cats Band 

Sat, Jul 29 @ 7:00 PM / Brass Mug, 1450 Skipper Road, Tampa, FL 33613 

Kick-Ass Southern Country Night at The Brass Mug.

For Details Click HERE

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A Hipster Soiree

Ringside Cafe, 16 2nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Everybody's favorite bands join forces to bring you "A Hipster Soiree" at the world famous Ringside Cafe in downtown Saint Petersburg, FL. Enjoy roots rock, surf and garage band country with: The Johnny Zoom Hi-Fi Show, Little Sheba and the Shamans and Cottondale Swamp. FREE SHOW

Broken String Fling

Sertoma Youth Ranch, 85 Myers Road, Brooksville, FL 34602

Cottondale Swamp with the new guys, Doug Smith and Fran Massucci. The Broken String Fling is a festival that is loosely knitted, duct taped together, no arm band music fling put on for the sole purpose to raise money and awareness to what a great music/camping venue the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Dade City is.